Selected works
15 May - 7 June 2014

We are pleased to present you with a small selection of works from Bula’bula Arts and Tjala Arts.

Bobby Bununggurr and Robyn Djunginy are two of Bula’bula’s leading contemporary artists. Bununggurr is renowned for his highly detailed, descriptive paintings. Each work depicts the narrative arc of his traditional and historical stories; the plot is mapped out in discreet ‘chapters’ that flow through or across the work. Djunginy is a master weaver who has developed her iconic series of pandanus bottles. The three bottles in this selection were recently exhibited as an installation of six bottles in string theory at the Museum of Contemporary Art; the other three bottles are touring with the exhibition (currently at the Museum and Art Gallery NT). Elizabeth Djuttara (deceased) was a weaver of rare talent. She was the daughter of Dick Ngulmarmar, and the sister of George Milpurrurru and Robyn Djunginy. With Djunginy, she participated in the 1998 Sydney Biennale, and one of her poles is part of the Aboriginal Memorial (NGA Collection).

The two Tjala’s women collaboratives represent the older senior generation (622-13) and the younger generation (421-13). One contains the wisdom of the elders; the other the optimism of a bright and strong future. In one sense, this is the sum of the power and stability of Amata community, for it is often the women of outback communities that nuture social cohesion and stability. Yaritji Young offers a fine example of her beautifully unique style, while Wawiriya Burton remains as always a formidable force.