3 September - 27 September 2014

Maringka BAKER, Angkaliya CURTIS, Bernard TJALKURI, Iyawi WIKILYIRI, David MILLER, Beryl JIMMY, Linda STEVENS, and WATARRU Collaborative. 

We are very pleased to present you with this beautiful body of works by emerging and established artists from Tjungu Palya.

This small art centre has been creating extraordinary work for around 10 years and the high standards established by the founding artistis is being carried forward by the younger generation of artists. It is highly rewarding to have witnessed the innovations coming out of this art centre over the past decade.

We would like to congratulate Angkaliya Curtis for her selection in this year's National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. This year marks her sixth time as a Finalist! And congratulations also to Iyawi Wikilyiri on her second year as a NATSIAA Finalist!