Mimili Maku Group Exhibition
1 October - 24 October 2014

We are very pleased to present this small group exhibition from Mimili Maku's much loved artists.

Situated in the small community of Mimili in the APY Lands, South Australia, this tightly-knit group of artists offers their unique insight into the culture of their region. Many of the works depict Antara, a special women's place on top of a hill where sacred ceremonies (inma) are performed to ensure plentiful food supply. Maku is the prized witchetty grub, a source of protein and nutrients. Two ancestral women who travelled to that spot, banged on a tree on the hill, causing a large number of witchetty grubs to emerge.

The Mimili region is also an important site for the Seven Sisters story, which is connected to the Pleiades star cluster and Orion constellation. An old man, Wati Nyiru, is chasing seven girls across the desert, but none are promised to him in marriage. He disregards the Law and uses his magic powers to trick them. The girls continue to flee the old man, but occasionally fall under his spell. The youngest girl is caught by him, but one of her sisters helps her escape. The girls' father eventually turns them into stars and sends them up to the heavens, where they become Pleiades, forever safe from Wati Nyiru.

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