Nginingawula Munupi Jilamara: Our paintings from Munupi
5 March - 30 March 2013
Nginingawula Munupi Jilamara: Our paintings from Munupi
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Marshall Arts in association with Munupi Art are very pleased to present this group exhibition of ochre paintings from this special island community.

Tiwi culture is distinct, rich, and vibrant. It has a long and colourful history of interaction and exchange with mainland Aboriginal people, regional Asian cultures, and European mariners, missionaries and anthropologists. Throughout the ages, they have retained an unwavering connection to their culture, while at the same time incorporating aspects of post-colonial contact into their songs, dances and designs.

This exhibition presents a cross-section of current studio artists, from emerging artists like Cornelia Tipuamantumirri, to established artists Susan Wanji Wanji and Nina Puruntatameri.