Latest works
5 December 2015 - 6 March 2016

We're very pleased to present the latest works available by Tjala Artists Wawiriya Burton, Tjungkara Ken and Freddy Ken.

Wawiriya Burton is one of the most senior women in the APY Lands. A powerful ngangkari (traditional healer), Burton started painting in 2008. The Art Gallery of South Australia recognised her importance and talent, and acquired an early painting from us in 2008; this work was exhibited in the AGSA temporary exhibition, Desert Country. Her authoritive style has made her a favourite with collectors around the world.

Tjungkara Ken has achieved much in a relatively short time of painting. Like Burton, she started painting in 2008. Her classical compositions and exceptional use of colour single her out as an artist of great talent; Ken has been widely collected by public and private collectors. As an artist, she is acutely aware of how each colour relates to its neighbour as well the whole, and she tends to work in colour 'periods' as she explores the limits of each selected palette.

Freddy Ken is loved for is expressionistic depictions of bristling spears. His works are atmospheric; the coloured negative spaces give the paintings an intense energy which at times threatens to overtake the objects they define. For images of his work, please contact the gallery.