23 August - 22 October 2016
in association with Papulankutja Artists

We are very excited to welcome Papulankutja Artists back to the gallery.

The past few years have posed many difficult challenges to the art centre, especially recently. Last year a devastating grass fire destroyed the centre’s storage and gallery, leading to the destruction of 90% of their artwork; the studio and office were spared. Earlier this year, they suffered the sad and untimely death of their much loved art centre manager, Jane Avery.

After a time of such adversity and sadness, Papulankutja Artists is now looking ahead to the future. To let their collectors and art lovers know, art centre worker Pamela Hogan recorded a video message on behalf of all the artists, saying “Papulankutja Artists are back in business and artists are working hard painting our Tjukurpa.”

Over the many years we have been involved in Aboriginal art, we never cease to be inspired by the strength of their cultural beliefs and practices. To Anangu, culture is the heart from which springs all else: creativity, knowledge, wellbeing, resilience, truth, hope, and importantly, life.

Without culture, everything else dies. It is no coincidence that Papulankutja defines itself as “Painting together our stories from the heart”.

We are proud to present in association with Papulankutja Artists Wellspring, a selection of new paintings by emerging and established artists that signals the resurgence of Papulankutja as a force to be reckoned with.



Tjayanka Woods (dec.), Elaine Lane, Anmanari Brown, Anawari Mitchell, Narelle Holland, Belle Davidson, Freda Lane, Jimmy Donegan, Sharon Doolan, Nora Nginana Davidson, Jennifer Mintiyi Connelly. 


Papulankutja Artists is located in the remote community of Blackstone, W.A., Papulankutja's artists have been producing contemporary art and fibre works since 2001.

Sadly several of the founding members have passed away or are now too frail to paint, but the art centre is seeing a resurgence thanks to a new generation of emerging artists (young and old).

Senior artists Jimmy Donegan, Anmanari Brown and Tjayanka Woods (dec.) are held in Australian public and private collections internationally.

The women artists are active across other artforms. Elaine Lane and Freda Lane are renowned Tjanpi weavers, as was the late Tjayanka Woods; Belle Davidson performed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics; one of Anmanari Brown’s paintings was made into a tapestry that toured Australian embassies. Beyond the art, many at the centre are deeply committed to regional health and education programs.