Two new works
30 November 2016 - 28 January 2017

We are very pleased to offer these two new works by Christiane Gerda Schmidt. Based in Cologne, Germany, Schmidt's practice examines the paradox of our desire to connect to pristine wilderness and the environmental impact of doing so.

Her critique is subtle and is found in the rendering of the infrastructure we use to construct our wilderness experience. Even the most eco-friendly endeavours leave signs of our comings and goings. See 2 (Gletscher) is a painting of a glacier tour in Iceland. The international flags fluttering in the wind suggest that this place is frequented by hikers from around the world. Numerous picnic tables are at the service of the hungry hoards. The reality, though, is that the glaciers in Iceland are retreating.

Passage (Sturm) is a large pencil and graphite drawing on silk that is a testament to the power of the sea and our inability to tame it. Schmidt's image evokes allusions to German Romanticism, but where artists like Caspar David Friedrich's allegorical paintings depicted calm and misty seas - suggesting a gentle transition to the afterlife -Schmidt's waters churn with a wild energy under a dark and stormy sky. This will be no easy passage. Despite the imminent danger, the foaming, surging waves are like a siren song, pulling us ever closer into its watery embrace.