... she cries and laughs ...
17 April - 16 June 2018
... she cries and laughs ...

Gene Mann with Craintive sauterelle. Photo Jolan Dusewart.

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We are very pleased to present a selection of mixed media works on board by French-Swiss artist, Gene Mann. Mann's work explores mythology and memory, as well as drawing inspiration from poet René Char. The title of this exhibition is taken from Char's poem, "Joie".

Gene Mann is an artist of emotions which she maps across the surface in quick, urgent marks that take the forms of primitive human figures and glyphs. To watch Mann work is to witness an artist absorbed in her own world as she frantically draws and paints the thoughts and feelings that come to her as she creates.

In today’s square image-saturated world, Mann’s grid works take on the appearance of a prehistoric Instagram; infinite individual images arranged in rows and columns of humans going about their life in urban and rural jungles. The monochrome palettes suggest a by-gone era, a time of sepia photographs or even cave paintings. Across time, we have been driven to document our activity for posterity.

The larger black and white mixed media works, like Entre chien et loup (Between dog and wolf), recall a time of mythical amorphous creatures appearing from the shadows of an overcast full moon. Across the surface is scrawled a coded writing that promises to reveal itself if only we persist in decoding it. The effect is mysterious and intriguing.

Mann has a gift for tapping into the figures that keep themselves hidden in our memories. Her exposing of them on paper and canvas allows us to follow shared memories that go way back beyond the year of our birth.

We hope you enjoy this body of inspired and inspiring work by Gene Mann.