Manta wirunya mulapa. This beautiful Earth.
4 June - 29 June 2013
Manta wirunya mulapa. This beautiful Earth.
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Through the eyes of Tjala’s artists, the earth is a wondrous place full of beauty and sacred knowledge. This group exhibition of twelve artists, plus a major women’s collaborative, sets forth a splendid vision of their remote homeland.

Rich palettes and thoughtfully articulated paintwork clearly define each artist’s relationship with their country. The paintings speak of ancient Law and contemporary lives, a combination of traditions and modern methods. With red sand under their bare feet they record their Ngura, country, each brushstroke an affirmation of longing and belonging.

Tjala’s works are defined by the exceptional energy and integrity which emanate from the core of each piece. There is an unfaltering certainty in the application of paint that comes directly from the artists’ unbreakable spiritual connection to their country. This is not a blind faith slavishly followed; it is a faith that has sustained them over the millennia during pre-contact times through to today.

It is this very country that nurtures and fortifies them spiritually and physically, and it is the seed of their artistic inspiration. With their feet firmly planted on Tjala home soil, life is indeed beautiful.