Kapingku punganyingka Tjupi tjutarringanyi. After the rain the Tjupi come up.
2 July - 3 August 2013
Kapingku punganyingka Tjupi tjutarringanyi. After the rain the Tjupi come up.

Beyula Puntungka Napanangka
Kalinykalinypa Tjukurrpa, 2013
Acrylic on linen
198x122 cm

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A group exhibition of new paintings. Featuring Isobel Gorey Nampintjinpa, Doris Bush Nungarrayi, Tilau Nangala, Beyula Puntungka Napanangka, Maureen Poulsen Napangardi, and Mary Roberts Nakamarra.

The title of this group exhibition by Papunya Tjupi Arts is both poetic and optimistic. In one sense it refers to the renewal of life after good rains, while alluding to the artists’ vision of their art centre providing a better and brighter future for the community.

Much of Aboriginal culture is understood through a connection to place, and so it is that Papunya Tjupi Arts takes its identity from the community of Papunya, which is nestled at the foot of the honey ant hills. Tjupi (Luritja for honey ant) are a significant dreaming story, as well as being a prized delicacy for their nectar-filled sacks. Good rains bring them out of the ground, along with an abundance of other insects and vegetation that lie dormant underground until the rains come.

Papunya Tjupi Arts’ emergence from an initial idea five years ago has been challenging, but the obstacles have now cleared to reveal a thriving art centre with roots in a long and proud history of art making. Papunya had been in the grips of social disquiet for many years, and the elders believed that the establishment of a permanent art centre in the community was crucial to providing a cultural hub and social stability.

Their vision proved to be correct and now Papunya Tjupi Arts has become a beacon of hope. It has allowed people to rekindle their connection to culture through art, and to have access to a real economy. After years of hard work and commitment, this young art centre has now staked its claim as a place of artistic excellence.

It is with great pleasure that Marshall Arts in association with Papunya Tjupi Arts present these beautiful paintings. Art is the rain that has let this community come to life.

A longer version of this text with an overview of each artist's work can be found in the attached pdf (see link next to the exhibition title above).