Kuwari kutju warkarinyi kaltjitila artists: New work from Kaltjiti
7 May - 31 May 2013
Kuwari kutju warkarinyi kaltjitila artists: New work from Kaltjiti

Iwana Ken, Kamala tjuta, 2012, woolen tapestry on linen.

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This group show highlights the burgeoning, diverse talent in Fregon community. Senior artists such as Iwana Ken and Matjangka Norris are highly adept at incorporating found objects and unexpected tools into their creative approach. The needlework skills Ken learnt as a young girl at Ernabella school are now finding new life in her tapestry paintings. Norris has developed unorthodox techniques for painting on linen that borrow heavily from her time working in batik.

Taylor Cooper and the late Tjilpi Kankapankatja lend the exhibition an air of male authority, while Kathy Maringka’s swathes of desert flowers remind us of the vibrant, fleeting beauty of the native flora after good rains. Steven Pompey, a young special needs artist, takes us into a unique view of his traditional culture; from across the border in Western Australia Delma Forbes remembers her heritage gained from her famous father, the late Fred Forbes. With a riot of colour and a dash of whimsy, Antjala Robin shares her wealth of environmental knowledge.