Seeing beyond.
7 August - 31 August 2013
in association with Kaltjiti Arts & Tjarlirli Art
Seeing beyond.

Bob Gibson, Patjantja, 2013 acrylic on canvas, 152 x 166 cm

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Steven Pompey (Kaltjiti Arts), Bob Gibson and Eileen Giles (Tjarlirli Art) are young emerging painters from remote Aboriginal art centres. They are all special needs artists with a unique gift: the ability to capture on canvas and paper the essence of their cultural heritage and traditional beliefs.

In their own distinct ways, they go straight to the heart of the elders’ teachings to bring us works of striking honesty and clarity defined by an audacious use of line and colour. Gibson, Giles and Pompey are motivated by a desire to express in paint what they are unable to articulate eloquently in words.

[See the downloadable exhibition essay above.]