Esther Giles
Esther Giles 121

Esther Giles
Purrungu (Python Story), 2014
acrylic on canvas
102 x 122 cm

Art code GZTJR/393-121

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Tjarlirli Art video

Still from Kuruyultu, HD digital video, running time 5’56. Director Lizzie Giles, producer Nyssa Miller/Tjarlirli Art, camera Matt Woodham. Copyright Tjarlirli Art 2014.

See below "Further Details" for the video link.

Art code GZTJR/video

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Further Details

Tjarlirli Art is one of Australia's most remote Aboriginal owned and operated art centres. Their video project documents the ongoing importance of an ancestral story from Kuruyultu, a sacred site connected to the Tingarri men. The footage is intertwined with the childhood memories of the narrator, Tjawina Porter, Esther Giles' sister.

Esther Giles 063

Esther Giles
Purrungu (Python Story), 2014
acrylic on canvas
152 x 122 cm

Art code GZTJR/393-063

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Esther Giles 377

Esther Giles
Kuruyurltu - Esther, 2014
acrylic on canvas
137 x 137 cm

Art code GZ/TJR-EG377

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