Gene Mann

Gene Mann
Faces, 2001
mixed media on canvas
48 canvases, each H30 x W30 cm
total dimensions H120 x W360 cm

Art code GZ/GM-Faces

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Gene Mann
Destinées nomades, 2016
ink on heavy paper
7 pieces, each H168 x W118 cm
total dimensions H168 x W826 cm

Art code GZ/GM-DestineesNomades

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Further Details

Destinées nomades is a grand imagined narrative about migration. It refers to the migration of people in general and more specifically to the current European refugee crisis, as well as to the migration of birds. While there is a political undercurrent to the work, it is minor in its intent. Mann’s principle question is “What would happen if we all reached out to one another?” This central idea forms the leitmotiv as the figures dance across the work.


Promesse de printemps, 2005
mixed media on canvas
9 pieces, each H50 x W50 cm
total dimensions H150 x W200 cm

Art code GZ/GM-PromessedePrintemps

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Further Details

Promesse de printemps (Promise of Spring) was created for an international painting prize at Hygo Perfectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan in commemoration of the Kobe earthquake. It represents the rebirth of hope and life after the devastation which left almost 6,500 people dead – the majority from the Hygo region - and 68 children orphaned.

Mann was the only artist from Switzerland selected; Australian artist Dean Bowen was another finalist. This work has not been exhibited since its presentation in Kobe.


Gene Mann
Messager du present, 2008
mixed media on canvas
H150 x W120 cm

Art code GZ/GM-MessagerduPresent

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Octobre en Mars, 2011
mixed media on paper
H180 x W42 cm

Art code GZ/GM-OctobreenMars

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Soleil de lune, 2014 [detail]
ink on paper

Art code GZ/GM-SoleildeLune-detail

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Gene Mann
Exquises turbulences, 2011
monotype on canvas
H100 x W100 cm

Art code GZ/GM-ExTurb-100x100

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Gene Mann
Exquises turbulences #4, 2011
monotype on paper
H65 x W50 cm

Art code GZ/GM-ExTurb-65x50-4

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Gene Mann
Exquises turbulences #2, 2011
monotype on paper
H42 x W60 cm

Art code GZ/GM-ExTurb-42x60-2

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Gene Mann
Aubes brunes #1, 2013
monotype on paper
H30 x W42 cm

Art code GZ/GM-AubesBrunes-1

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Gene Mann
Aubes brunes #2, 2013
monotype on paper
H42 x W30 cm

Art code GZ/GM-AubesBrunes-2

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Aubes brunes #3, 2013
monotype on paper
H30 x W42 cm

Art code GZ/GM-AubesBrunes-3

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Aubes brunes #4, 2013
monotype on paper
H42 x W30 cm

Art code GZ/GM-AubesBrunes-4

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Aubes brunes #5, 2013
monotype on paper
H30 x W42 cm

Art code GZ/GM-AubesBrunes-5

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Gene Mann
Ombres portées #3, 2002
monotype on paper
25 x 25 cm

Art code GZ/GM-OmbreesPortees-3

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