Artbank acquires Steven Pompey
17 June 2013

Steven Pompey, untitled, 2012 Acrylic on linen, 102 x 122 cm. Collection: Artbank

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Artbank has acquired a work by emerging Kaltjiti artist, Steven Pompey, from the gallery's recent group exhibition, Kuwari kutju warkarinyi kaltjitila artists: New work from Kaltjiti.

Pompey is the youngest child of the late Tali Tali Pompey, a widely collected artist from Kaltitji, and is a special needs artist. The acrylic on linen, untitled, is thought to relate to Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapangkatja's country. Kankapangkatja raised Pompey as his own child and often took him travelling through the bush. Despite Pompey's being unable to clearly explain his work orally, his family recognise his compositions and symbols as depicting Kankapankatja's country. Pompey's work demonstrates a vision and depth of logic beyond his 24 years.

This is Pompey's first acquisition by a public institution.