Tjala Arts Men selected for 2014 Adelaide Biennale
1 March - 11 May 2014
17 September 2013

Tjala Arts will be participating in the 2014 Adelaide Biennale, Dark Heart, curated by AGSA Director, Nick Mitzevich. The Kulata Project was initiated and lead by Hector Burton, Ray Ken, Frank Young and Willy Kaika. 'Kulata' is the traditional weapons used by men only. Congratulations to the men at Tjala for being selected!This is a resounding acknowledgement of their tremendous talent and contribution to contemporary Australian art.

The other artists participating in the Biennale are Brook Andrew, Del Kathryn Barton, Martin Bell, Ian Burns, eX de Medici, Julia deVille, Dale Frank, Tony Garifalakis, Fiona Hall, Brendan Huntley, Richard Lewer, Dani Marti, Trent Parke, Ben Quilty, Caroline Rothwell, Alexander Seton, Sally Smart, Ian Strange, Warwick Thornton, Lynette Wallworth and Martumili artists and Ah Xian.