Peter Minygululu & Bobby Bununggurr in new Rolf de Heer film
October 2013

Peter Minygululu and Bobby Bununggurr are two of the artists from Bula'bula Arts who feature alongside David Gulpilil in Rolf de Heer's latest movie, Charlie's Country.

Ramingining is a multi-talented community. Not only are they some of the finest painters and weavers in the nation, they are able to turn their hand to performing in front of a camera surrounded by a film crew who don't speak their language. Inspirational! Many of Bula'bula's artists also featured in de Heer's film, Ten Canoes.

The film will premiere during the Adelaide Film Festival at Piccadilly Cinema, North Adelaide. Minygululu will travel to Adelaide with Gulpilil for the film's gala opening on 12 October. We look forward to see the Ramingining mob when they're in town, and to seeing the film, naturally!